Lego Kingdom Knights Engage In A Prudent Defence…

This afternoon’s Lego Kingdoms minifigures scenario took the arts of investing and defending the Lego Kingdom Castle to new heights. Today, the Lego Kingdom knights adopted a more prudent defence than usual…

Mr Ardle arrived armed with standard strength ale and a powerful bb gun which turned a tuppenny-ha’penny Green Dragon crossbowman into a mighty hurler of ballista darts. The effect was explosive. The first shot sent an unfortunate Red Lion crossbowman flying out of his turret and into the moat, destroyed his crossbow, and removed several bricks from the turret. Sadly, we had to relinquish our new weapon and go back to the piddling little 105 yen BB gun supplied by Daiso for our crossbow and longbow shots.

Lego Kingdom Knights Well Defended

The castle itself now boasts a keep behind the walls of which the Red Lion nobility of the Lego Kingdom Knights was able to preserve itself for the duration of the first day of the siege, a much more prudent defensive policy than the usual “reckless sally”.

The defensive work was undertaken by the crossbowmen and catapultists on the castle battlements, and by the small garrison manning the outer defence works.

The Green Dragons Build A Siege Wall

For their part, the Green Dragons busied themselves with building a siege wall and reducing one of the outer curtain walls of the castle with their two heavy catapults. They also adopted a prudent policy of keeping their troops back during the preliminary stages of the siege.

Lego Kingdoms Minifigures Scenario Event Cards

We have also been making progress with our “event cards” and agreed that a certain card would represent a “weather event”. When the card was drawn at the end of a turn, a second card determined the type of event and it turned out to be a loss of light accompanying a heavy downpour, which rendered projectile weapons ineffective.

The besiegers took advantage of the situation and assaulted the outer towers. A doughty defence was offered by the spearmen, and when the storm lifted, the crossbowmen on the castle battlements joined in the defence, but the towers fell.

Later in the game a sorry contingent of Red Lion reinforcements arrived, but were quickly cut down by the Green Dragon crossbowmen. They didn’t have much chance really, as access to the drawbridge had been cut off by the capture of the outer towers.

So, by the end of the first day of the siege we were in the familiar situation in which the Green Dragons had taken the outer defences but were not yet in a position to assault the castle.

Rule Modifications

We had occasion to discuss some of the rules, such as:

  • An unarmed soldier seems to have too much defensive power (so an armed attacker should be awarded 2 points for the weapon, and an armed defender 1 point, thus an unarmed defender will suffer a 2-point disadvantage).
  • When a large catapult projectile strikes a minifig and the minifig remains standing because attached to a base or something, is it really necessary to roll to decide his fate? As I saw it, rolling bricks was a way to avoid disagreements over whether or not the projectile “really hit” the minifig, but if all parties agree that it did, then it should be counted as a KO.

The next Lego Kingdoms minifigures game will continue from where this one left off. Mr Ardle is pressing us to introduce night-time rules so that the siege wall can be built under cover of darkness.

The game will also feature a siege tower and possibly pontoon boats for a double assault on the Lego Kingdom Castle …