A Snapshot Of Me (at Stonehenge), Back In The Day and #StillHere Today

This is me, aged 9, on a trip to Stonehenge with my Dad. Later that day we drove down to the New Forest and camped there for the night. I wanted to see the Rufus Stone, but it was rather a disappointment, especially after Stonehenge!

That evening we put up Dad’s army tent – I seem to remember having the job of holding up the pole on the inside while Dad toiled away with the mallet on the outside.

Dad cooked a one-pot dinner over a camping stove. A range of tinned edibles was liberally poured into the pot.

Read on to see why I dug that photo out of the archives today!

It’s been a very positive day for me.

Another Day, Another Sale

The day began with an email notification of a Fire-Pay sale on my membership website. The second half of April has seen a big uptick in EDB sales which have all been seamlessly handled by the ClickTrackProfit (CTP) Fire-Pay payment processing service.

That put me in a good mood, so when I saw my CTP associate Erik’s email about a site called Cash Juice – a networking site I’ve had on my radar for a while now – I immediately signed up for it and took the special upgrade offer. I have had no time to do anything with it yet, but I’m pleased to have been able to join it through a fellow CTPer’s affiliate link.

Tarot of the day


The Three of Rods is a suitable arcana for this season as it is ruled by the Sun in Aries; it is embued with dynamic masculine energy as befits this Day of Mars.

Okay, so let’s use that energy and get on with our work…

I spent the first part of the morning going through my routine of clicking for satoshi on various Bitcoin faucets and clicking through 10 ads on LeadsLeap as well as grabbing lots of credits from Listjumper and ViralMailProfits email links.

I also checked my EDB site – approving ads and profile photos, checking up on whether I needed to pay affiliate commissions and so on.

At 10 o’clock I got on with the main task of the day, writing lesson content for one of my online college classes:

European History and Culture, Lecture 1: The Origins and Prehistory of Europe

This class is for the “elite” students at this particular college, and my classroom style is to deliver a mixture of impromptu talks along with some texts that we read through and discuss, all in English, but with some crossover into Japanese to speed things along.

I’m a dab hand at it, and it takes very little preparation…

Then along comes the Coronavirus, shuts down college for a month and forces us to… innovate, learn new skills and go online with (in this case) Classroom.Google.

So I suddenly have to create a ton of class content for that course and for six other courses at that college… (I have one other college contract with six courses that will have to be delivered online too…)

The origins and prehistory of Europe kept me occupied for several hours on end! And that is only one class.

  • The first part goes from the beginnings in Africa to the emergence of Cro-Magnon Man (or “EEMH” as the graceless contemporary terminology would have it – European early modern humans).
  • The second part goes through the New Stone Age with Stonehenge as the key point of focus. I thought I’d add a personal touch by showing the students a photo of me at Stonehenge when I was nine years old!
  • The third part will look at a jade axe head that was found in Canterbury and is now in the British Museum. It’s a change of focus down to something small and particular, a luxury item at the end of the Neolithic Age or beginning of the Bronze Age that came to Britain thousands of years ago from the Swiss Alps, attesting to the lines of trade that existed way back before there were written records.
Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 12.58.07 AM.png


Crypto Monday Lunch Break

Around 1pm I broke off for lunch and listened to the latest ClickTrackProfit episode of Crypto Monday on YouTube:

Another fun-packed episode with exciting news about the Hive token now being traded on several leading exchanges including Binance.

SFI and ECommergy

In the afternoon I did my daily routine with my other online side-business, SFI, and engaged with one or two of my downline in that program, then hopped into their Ecommergy site to check out any new content and post some comments or “tip” some commenters Rewardical tokens.

If anybody would like a free 5 day ECommergy pass, click this link and scroll down for info:


After that I got back on with creating class content for my history course until around 5pm…

My 7th Full Workout of the Year…

This year, one of my aims is to complete 30 full workouts. If you saw my early #2020Vision challenge videos, you would have seen bits and pieces of what I do in my full workout…

I’ve been really bad at doing workouts this year. In January I did zero. In February I managed 3 workouts. In March only 2. In the first half of April, zero again, but so far THIS WEEK, I have managed to get in TWO workouts… Pretty awesome, or what?

However, it’s still below par for the course of the year. I’d like to get one more workout done before the month is out…

Cold Shower Wim Hof Style

After the workout I had a shower. Three years ago I first heard about a Polish guy called Wim Hof who advocates cold water therapy. I have no intention of going the full Wim and sitting in vats of ice for hours on end, but for the last three years, every time I have a shower I start with the water on COLD for about 30 seconds. It feels great when you turn the tap to HOT and feel the water turn warm. Do some deep breathing before you go into the cold water, and keep breathing deeply while taking the cold shower, or cold bath.

Check out the Wim Hof website here: https://www.wimhofmethod.com/

Dad’s Cooking Night (with Beer and Gary Vee)

If it’s Tuesday evening, it’s Dad’s Cooking Night, with beer and something to listen to on YouTube.

Tonight I listened to another one of Gary Veynerchuck’s amazing Tea with Gary Vee shows in which people call in with their questions and he gives them some very cool and insightful impromptu advice. I thought last week’s show had some amazing stuff in it… but maybe tonights show tops it.

The thing is, Gary Vee has really matured and developed in recent years. His focus is NOT just on making loadsamoney, but on finding your happiness.

What did I cook tonight?

He he, this is Dad’s cooking night, so it usually involves some sort of cheat, like hauling three packs of frozen “Nagasaki Chanmen” noodle packs from the freezer, adding one or two “Dad’s special” ingredients (such as cooking up some gyouza – Chinese dumplings – and serving them on top of the noodles)!

Not quite “one pot cooking” like my Dad’s camp cooking in the New Forest, but er, pretty close in a way…

And So Here I Am

And so here I am, after dinner, polishing off the last of the beer, checking out Russell’s wheels and honey pots. I didn’t win the Wheel of Engagement. I was unable to log in to Peakd for some reason so did not participate in the Ghost, but I did discover that I had WON the Honey wheel and a nice chunk of CTP Tokens!

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 1.07.37 AM.png

Watch out for the daily Honeypot at: https://ctptalk.com/@russellstockley

It’s only Day 3 of the Honeypot and I am the first bloke to win it. And the first Brit. And the first (not so honourable) resident of Japan. The prize was 142 CTP Tokens – that’s real crypto that can be converted into Hive, which can be converted into Bitcoin or fiat currency.

So now I suppose it’s time to call it a day and hop into bed.

Tomorrow, I will either be creating more content for my college course, or heading into town to my other college to learn about teaching their students online with Zoom…

In every crisis there is opportunity. Seize it!

Goodnight. Sleep tight.

David Hurley