J-League Football: San Frecce v Omiya

Title: J-League Football: San Frecce v Omiya
Location: Big Arch
Link out: Click here
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2012-06-23

In many ways this game seemed more like a choreographed event than a football match, from the managed chanting of the two opposing groups of fans to the neat passing (more often sideways and backwards, but then a sudden, accurate, long low-pass forwards), the lack of urgency, the absence of physical challenges, the lack of shots on target – the lack of shots in general, and the final result, 0-0.

With San Frecce in the top three, and Omiya in the bottom three, you would have thought both teams would have played as if there was something to play for. To be fair on San Frecce, in the second half, when they were attacking the goal in front of the San Frecce Bad Boys, they had several corners in succession – but nothing came of any of them…

For all that, it was a highly enjoyable evening’s entertainment – and it was nice to be able to drink beer on the terraces!

I would have included a photo or two of Eileen-chan in her San Frecce shirt, but she deleted all photos of her, presumably because they were not up to scratch…

DPH at San Frecce. We arrived an hour or so before kick-off.
There were not many Omiya fans at the away end, but they gave a good account of themselves in cheering for their team.
San Frecce and Omiya emerge from the tunnel.
Another San Frecce corner. The home crowd “Bad Boys” in full cry… but nothing happened.