Friday 22nd December – Back to Koyo Jansou

With Noda absent tonight the foreign contingent elected to head back to Koyo Jansou, the cosy place in Tatemachi with the cheerful Mama-san and the old play-worn tiles.

Tonight’s result didn’t bring a change in the rankings. Kenyon progressed, Jaime’s recovery stalled and David managed to change direction from down to, er well hardly up, but at least to not-down tonight.

It ought to be added, however, that David came perilously close to committing a Chombo on three or four occasions – once almost missing a Tsumo, once declaring Ron on 7-Bamboo and retracting it and recovering his tiles as they were about to be revealed – only to go out on Ron on Jaime’s next post-Riichi discard, 8-Bamboo!

Kenyon +38, +16, -29, +31 = +56
David +11, -11, +24, -9 = +15
Jaime -49, -5, +5, -22 -71

David Hurley