Friday 10th November: Noda Sheds More Points

A quiet evening of mahjong saw Noda off form at the table for the second week running…

Jaime was the fastest off the blocks and built himself a nice margin of safety in the first game and still had some of it left by the end of the evening!

David had a consistently good run which would have been even better had greed not clouded his thinking in the middle of the second game. Having declared Riichi on a 2 or 3-Coin wait, and with three 1-Coin Dora tiles in his hand, David drew a fourth 1-Coin and excitedly melded it with the other 1-Coins to declare a hidden 4 Dora Kan. It was only then that he realized that by doing so he had changed his wait and therefore commited a Chombo! On checking his next tile on the wall he found it was 3-Coins – just what he’d needed to go out!

Still, it was not a bad result and with Noda down and Jaime up the distance between top and bottom place has closed a little. A very little.

David +13, +10*, +36 = +59
Jaime +72, -43, -14 = +15
Noda -85, +33, -22 = -74


David Hurley