February Update!

A couple of games were played in February, neither of which I was able to attend. The first was played on Friday 2nd and I gather that Kenyon was the big winner and Hide the biggest loser. More than that I cannot say. Here is the reckoning:

Kenyon +54, -2, +50, +55, -9, -24, +37, +27, -9 = +179
Noda -47, +35, +12, –, –, –, –, –, — = 0
Jaime -7, -21, -21, -60, -7, +39, +5, -17, +54 = -35
Hide –, -12, -29, -7, +16, -15, -42, -10, -45 = -144

The game put Kenyon at the top of the losers and less than 30 points shy of breaking even on the year. Jaime recovered to retain his place in the black. Hide is now bottom of the pile, dropping below Noda who has not shown much of his customary form so far this year…

Another game was played on Friday 9th February, this time between Noda, Jaime and Kenyon. I have received the result but not the breakdown of the game so I have not yet added the details to the Grand Accumulated Results Table. Anyway, it was another big win for Kenyon which caused Jaime to allude to that bit in Hamlet where he goes on about “outrageous fortune” and all that:

“i forgot to mail you last Friday’s MJ result, which predictably saw Kenyon win again. It has been mentioned before, but I’ll say it again, boy is he lucky. Towards the end of the night’s play, I could do nothing but smirk at his outrageous fortune. Unbelievable is my new watchword. My evening was only saved my Noda still managing to finish below me. He can not seem to get anything right at the moment and his luck was even poorer than mine – which was saying something.”

The result:

Kenyon +155
Jaime -77
Noda -78

Just for the record, the current Grand Accumulated scores are:

Tsuyoshi +147
Kenyon +128
David +86
Jaime -61
Hide -113
Noda -187

Thus Noda is now bottom, possibly for the first time in recorded history…

Sibton Park
Sibton Park

Sibton Park, Kent

So, where was I while all this drama was being played out?

I was back in Blighty on my hols, holed up in a cosy gaff deep in the Kentish countryside with Little e and Flopsy Bunny.

Uncle Steve and Uncle Barry came to stay and we had a look at the beach at Dymchurch on the south coast after a morning of sherry and snooker at Sibton Park.

David Hurley