English Conversation MASHU Up!

February 3, 2019 David Hurley 0

On Friday evening one of my English teaching colleagues picked me up at Itsukaichi station and drove up the hill to her clients at the Inokuchidai MASHU hair and beauty salon. The idea was to give her students a one-off 60 minute English conversation session with a native English speaker, [Read more…]

Brigid Whom The Poets Adored

February 1, 2019 David Hurley 0

The first of February is Saint Brigid’s day, or Imbolc, the Gaelic festival of the beginning of spring, sacred to the goddess Brigit, many of whose attributes were later attributed to Saint Brigid of Kildare. One of her attributes is that she can turn water into beer, presumably without going [Read more…]

End of Term Gifts and Games

January 23, 2019 David Hurley 0

One of my “teaching gigs” is at Hiroshima College of Foreign Languages, HCFL or “Gaigo” for short. “Gaigo” or 「外語」 is the abbreviation of the Japanese name, 広島外語専門学校, Hiroshima Gaigo Senmon Gakko. A “senmon gakko” is a vocational college and the courses last for two years as opposed to three [Read more…]

Rakurakuen Hiroshima Ekiden Festival

January 21, 2019 David Hurley 0

Here are some photos and videos of the scene in Rakurakuen during the Hiroshima Ekiden – the prefectural relay marathon – that ran from Peace Park in the centre of Hiroshima City to Miyajimaguchi and back on Sunday afternoon. Rakurakuen is approximately halfway between Hiroshima city centre and the island [Read more…]

100 Yen Beers At Yataizushi Rakurakuen

January 17, 2019 David Hurley 0

The Rakurakuen grapevine was buzzing the other day with news that Yataizushi, the sushi-izakaya opposite Rakurakuen tram-stop, 寿司居酒屋 や台ずし 楽々園駅前町, was offering 100 yen beers all evening from Tuesday to Thursday of this week. I mentioned this to my loquacious quaffing partner, Brendan McG. and we agreed on popping into the [Read more…]

Surprise Birthday Treats In The Letter Box

January 15, 2019 David Hurley 0

I returned home from a class today to find two parcels in the letter box. Two books that I’d more or less forgotten that I’d ordered. Their arrival was timely as today is my birthday. One is The City and Man by Leo Strauss. The other is Machiavelli’s God by [Read more…]