Robert Greene in Conversation with Aubrey Marcus on The Laws of Human Nature

I have just purchased the Audible version of Robert Greene’s latest book, The Laws of Human Nature using my monthly Audible credit. 🙂

A few weeks ago I listened to Robert Greene in conversation with the dynamic and irrepressible Aubrey Marcus on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast.

Here’s an edited excerpt from the beginning of their conversation. They make an interesting contrast in personalities and the result is an engaging conversation that continues for well over 90 minutes – ideal for one of my longer Tuesday evening cooking sessions!

Robert Greene: Philosophers often don’t practise what they talk about, but to read actually that Socrates was physically a courageous person is kind of…

Aubrey Marcus: Yeah, well we want to pigeon hole… maybe it is one of the laws of human nature to try and put people in small boxes, make them easily understandable. Oh Socrates, philosopher. Let’s put him with white hair, let’s make him feeble, let’s make him all of these things that we want a philosopher to be.

And then you hear of him charging out in front of the enemy lines when Alcibiades loses his weapons, holding his shield and fending off attackers so that his lover and friend could retreat and go back to bed. You go, “Oh damn. That doesn’t fit.”

Robert Greene: I’ve thought of another one: Julius Caesar. ‘Cos he was a great writer. And he had a very poetic, kind of theatrical mind. Extremely brave, daring in battle. Risked his life numerous times. He’d be another one.

In the notes to the video, Aubrey Marcus comments that,

The Laws of Human Nature is a compassionate and practical reckoning with all aspects of humanity, light and dark. Greene shows undeniable evidence that we are complex beings, containing the capacity for a vast range of expression. We discuss the intricacies of humanity, harnessing primal energy such as anger and aggression, and the importance of shining light on the shadow to become the fully integrated human.

Aubrey Marcus,

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