Block Theatre Presents… Romeo And Juliet (Prologue & Act 1 Scene 1-2)

It is the summer holidays and children need to be entertained, at least, my daughter does, when she is not running around with friends, going to ballet, swimming or aikido, doing her homework or lolling on the carpet watching television.

Regular readers of this blog will know of our penchant for Lego Minifigs, especially for the Kingdoms Series which features noble crusading knights of yore, black hearted Saracens and  that sort of thing. I suggested to Eileen-chan that we play another table top Minifig skirmish. We then remembered that we had produced a Minifig version of Macbeth and photographed each scene, and so we hit upon the idea of going one better and doing a video version of Minifig Romeo and Juliet… and that is how Block Theatre came into being!

We had some difficulties in making this first video. Eileen needs to improve her handling of the video and I need to work on my simultaneous narrating and minifig stage management…

In this video we meet the character’s of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, hear the Prince proclaim the Prologue from the gatetower, watch the opening street brawl, and see old Capulet give Paris permission to woo Juliet and send a clown off to invite some guests to his feast…


Play: William Shakespeare

Narrator: David Hurley

Announcer: Eileen Lois Hurley

Minifig Casting: David Hurley

Sets: David & Eileen Lois Hurley

Artwork: Eileen Lois Hurley

Camera: Eileen Lois Hurley

Editing: David Hurley