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William Shakespeare: Romeo And Juliet

January 7, 2008 David Hurley 1

 Romeo is lovesick for Rosaline until Mercutio persuades him to gatecrash their enemy, Capulet’s, party. Romeo promptly falls for Capulet’s daughter, Juliet, scales a wall, approaches Juliet’s balcony and is well met by moonlight. A conniving Friar secretly marries them the morning after. Romeo intervenes in a sword fight, inadvertently [Read more…]

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Shakespeare’s Comic And Tragic “Amen Amen”

January 4, 2008 David Hurley 0

In the brief sixth scene of the second act of Romeo and Juliet, while Romeo and Friar Laurence await the arrival of Juliet, Friar Laurence offers offers up this orison, expressive of a certain anxiety about the clandestine nature of the marriage ceremony: “So smile the heavens upon this holy [Read more…]