Wasabi Beans

In my nocturnal meanderings around cyberspace I recently came across a fine recommendation for a healthy snack that would go just great with Sapporo’s “space beer”…

Yes, Sapporo Holdings recently announced that it is planning to brew the first “space beer,” using barley grown from grain that was stored on the International Space Station in 2006.

The brewery has enough space grain to brew up to a hundred bottles of beer. It is more of a publicity stunt than a commercial enterprise, but the company suggested that in the future, when humans spend long periods of time in space, they might like a cold beer after a space walk.

Meanwhile, as I was saying, all the way, and only, from Japan, green horseradish flavoured dried peas! Japanese horseradish is called “wasabi” and is green in hue and all hues excels in heat. Typically, you will find a splodge of it on a plate of sashimi (raw fish) or sushi.

You are supposed to plop it into your little bowl of shoyu (soy sauce) and dip your raw fish or bit of sushi into it before you wolf it down.

If you are a masochist as I am, you will take great delight in loading your slab of raw fish with lashings of the stuff, fully aware that it will be a fast train to Brain Pain City, all the way up the line via your adenoids, just ten seconds from now.

But the wasabi is not limited to raw fish. You can enjoy it as part of an otsumame drinks snack, in the form of “wasabi beenzu” aka dried peas coated in dried horseradish!

They are great with beer, and not really so hot as compared to wasabi fresh and in the raw.

Anyway, here’s that great tip I picked up recently and have just tested and not found wanting:

Want a great beer snack that is also pretty healthy?

Try mixing wasabipeas with salted almonds! Fantastic!