Kanda Ballet Studio Recital

Title: Kanda Ballet Studio Recital
Location: Aster Plaza Grand Hall, Hiroshima
Description: The biennial ballet recital of the Kanda Ballet studio.
Start Time: 12:30
Date: 2012-07-22

Here are some photos of my daughter, Eileen, in yesterday’s dress rehearsal for today’s ballet recital.

I borrowed a Nikon D7000 from Andy Lightfoot and used his 18-200mm lens for these shots.

They were taken without a tripod or flash. Neglecting to take a tripod with me to the rehearsal was definitely a mistake as a lot of the photos were blurred, even with the aperture set at f/3.5.

Today’s performance went off well, although there was a bit of a fright when one of the lead dancers stumbled as she was being lowered by her partner. She had only just recovered from an injury to her foot and it was doubtful whether she would be able to perform, but she got through the rest of the recital without any trouble.

The dancer who stole the show was Kanda ballet’s male student, aged six, who danced to Tchaikovsky’s Trepak with gusto. It helped that his grandparents and possibly great-grandparents were sitting in the middle of the second row to cheer him on.

The highlight of the recital was watching a Kanda Ballet protege now studying professional ballet in Hamburg, Germany, dancing Minkus’ Don Quixote with Salenk Iaroslav a professional male ballet dancer from the Ukraine.


Kanda ballet recital dress rehearsal, 2012.



Checking out what Dad’s up to with the camera…




Kanda ballet’s male student receives enthusiastic applause..