Swallow That Toddler! – Another One Down The Hatch…

Forget about Brian Tracy’s frogs or Nicholas Chamfort’s toads that I alluded to in a recent post on the Hive blockchain: https://ctptalk.com/@hirohurl/january-crypto-accumulation-progress-report-excuses-distractions-lecherers-and-toads

With Saturn exalted in Capricorn it is time to emulate Old Man Time and swallow a few toddlers instead.

It takes discipline and an eye for the long term benefits to grind your way through flesh and bone, the perfect “Saturn in Capricorn” scenario, especially as the Sun is there too right now.

Eating the offspring of my life in Japan; that’s what I have been doing this month at any rate. Shoving those pewling brats down the hatch as soon as they appear on the scene.

Four down, one to go. Belch!

The Five Babies That I Must Devour

These tiresome upstarts, the five offspring of Chronos (aka Saturn) are born early in the year and bespew it with their untimely demands.

  1. Women’s College Class Reports (Hera)
  2. Women’s College Exam Grades (Demeter)
  3. Women’s College Syllabus Preparation (Hestia)
  4. Vocational College Exam Grades (Poseidon)
  5. Tax Returns (Hades)

Last week, I had a bit of a break after devouring the three little madams. Hence my increased productivity on the Hive blockchain and in moving forward with brisk good cheer in my online business.

The Frozen-Handed Midwife of Rhea

Then, over the weekend, a fat brat was delivered in the form of a parcel load of student exam papers as it were from the vault of Neptune.

The midwife of Rhea arrived in the form of a frozen-handed postman on a post-office scooter to announce the delivery.

Though the delivery was swift, the devouring thereof took up the whole day to the neglect of all other business, offline and online.

Chronos Back On His Throne (for now)

And now Chronos, Lord of Time, is secure on this throne for another week or so before the hellish process begins again with the impending birth of Hades, god of the underworld, and surely of tax collectors…

In the meantime, I trust that, having digested my ghastly repast, I shall gain some vim and vigour to enjoy my former freedom and productivity for yet a little while until the hellish due date approaches.

Until then, though somewhat bloated, I remain …

David Hurley

P. S. This post was inspired by my memory of hitch-hiking to Bern, Switzerland, when I was nineteen, and seeing there the “Child Eater Fountain” or “Kindlifresserbrunnen”:


Image source: Andrew Bossi; sculpture by Hans Gieng (de), CC BY-SA 2.5 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5, via Wikimedia Commons