Pray Tell Me, Ma’am, Whose Cat Are You?

The daughter of the original Queen Cat is back… or is it her grand-daughter or possibly even great-grand-daughter, with a new litter, seeking sanctuary on our back deck.

Now, the Mrs laid down a strict injunction against supplying any form of “wittles” to cats with litters, but this morning my daughter informed me that the cat was back, with a litter of four kittens, and that Mummy had given them some milk…

Here’s a photo I took after supplying a second bowl of milk…

What was that line by the King Cat of the Meow-Classical poets, who likened the feline race to leaves on trees?

Like leaves on trees the feline race is found,

Now green in youth, now withering on the ground;

Another race the following spring supplies:

They fall successive, and successive rise.

(apologies to Alexander Pope)

Three of the kittens are ginger, one is tortoise-shell. I will see if I can take a photo of the whole family a bit later.


10:30 am

Went downstairs for my morning coffee and checked the situation on the deck…

There they all were, all four of the kittens nuzzling Queen Cat, whose eyes were closed, but who was not asleep – she blinked as I drew near to the window…

I fetched my camera and took another photo and Queen Cat didn’t seem to mind…

The four kittens were blissfully oblivious to everything.