Mr Incredible Recieves His Prize…

I received very precise instructions from the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Cock’s Eye Mahjong Club appertaining to the procuring of a suitable prize for the 2008 Japanese Three Player Champion, who happens to be Mr Noda, for the third year in succession.

The prize had to be:

Not too expensiveSomething he could actually use. So bald eagles rampant upon craggy rocks were out this year, then.

To those criteria I took the liberty of adding two more:

  • Nothing that would NOT prove odious to the discriminating sensibilities of Mrs N.
  • Something with some reference to the abilities of our doughty champion.

The result, after much searching in the basement of Book Off, which is a veritable treasury of discarded junk, bald eagles rampant upon craggy rocks, sumo wrestlers cunningly fashioned out of clay and so forth, I found something to satisfy all parties, even Mr Noda… A Mr Incredible Mobile Phone Strap With Plastic Model Of Mr Incredible Attached (price, 105 yen, inc. tax)

As you can see from the photo, Mr Noda, dressed in his customary winter casuals (see Jan 2008, Jan 2007…), received his prize in good spirits, commenting that “size doesn’t matter”.

Well done Mr Incredible, you are the mahjong champ for the third year running…


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