Fine Weather For Cherry Blossom Viewing In Hiroshima

We caught the train to Yokogawa, bought picnic provisions and then walked down the river, over Jonan Dori Bridge then up the east bank until we found a spot for a picnic with a good view of the cherry blossom on the other side of the bank. The river banks and Chuo Park were full of people enjoying the cherry blossom and the beautiful weather.

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We feasted on freshly baked bread from the Anderson bakery with prosciutto, chedder, gruyere, brie and a creamy French blue cheese washed down with sweet spritzers made by Yours Truly using an Umbrian white wine and lemonade mixed over ice with lemon slices and spearmint leaves on top, served up in beer tankards we bought at Daiso in Yokogawa. Some soap might have been added to the mix as Eileen was blowing bubbles. The usual picnic ingredients of grass and dirt also added to the flavour.