Dancing to Japanese Shojo Anime Hit, Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GO GO!

My daughter spent much of November practising a dance for her ballet club’s Christmas party; no, nothing from Swan Lake or the Nutcracker Suite or anything like that… This year it was to be a series of dances inspired by Japanese shojo anime and other pop hits. My daughter’s dances were taken from the popular shojo magical girl romance anime series, Yes Pretty Cure 5, or “Yesu! Puri-Kyua Faibu” in Japanese…

Like many other Japanese anime, at some stage in the proceedings the characters metamorphose into super heroes. In the Yes! Pretty Cure series, ordinary junior high school girls turn into Puri-Kyua fighters to save their own and other planets from destruction.

By the way, to “metamorphose” or “transform” is “henshin suru” in Japanese.

yesprettycureYes! Puri-Kyua 5 GoGo! was launched in February 2008 and introduced a new Pretty Cure warrior, called Flora, who looks after a secret rose garden. An organization called Eternal is trying to get into the garden by invading five kingdoms. Flora asks Pretty Cure 5 to help her and they go in search of the kings who have left their kingdoms and taken the keys of the secret rose garden with them.

To perform this mission, Nozomi and the others regain their ability to transform into PreCure Five and a new heroine; Milky Rose, appears.

Anyway, the dance is pretty lively and the actions that you see in the video, including counting up to five in Engrish to signify the number of girls in the group, were all faithfully reproduced by my daughter’s group’s dance routine at her ballet club’s Christmas party last weekend.