Airport Photos

Here are a couple of photos taken at Kansai International Airport and at Heathrow. Eileen-chan and I flew Finnair via Helsinki, but didn´t get around to taking any photos at Helsinki.

Eileen photographing Eileen, Kansai International Airport, Monday 29th July.

On the flight from Helsinki to Heathrow we were sat behind Mrs Marc Williams and sons. As we came out of customs we saw Marc waiting by the rail to pick up his family, so we stopped for a chat and a photo. Marc flew to England a few days before to take up a summer teaching post at Southampton.

We have just arrived at Heathrow.

Right now I am typing this in a public area of The Derwent Hotel, Torquay, where I am staying for the second week of the British Chess Championships. I will post more reports about our time in London and Teignmouth, and about how I have got on in the chess tournament.

Time for breakfast!