New Year Book & DVD Orders…

I have ordered a few books and DVDs during the New Year holidays and am looking forward to the arrival of three parcels…

One from the Folio Society, containing:

Meanwhile, from I ordered:

  • Aristotle, Rhetoric (translated by W. Rhys Roberts)
  • Conor Cunningham, Darwin’s Pious Idea: Why the Ultra-Darwinists and Creationists Both Get It Wrong

On the DVD front, I went over to to make sure I got DVDs compatible with Japanese DVD players

and ordered:

  • The Borgias (Season 1)
  • Downton Abbey (Season 1)
I want to see Jeremy Irons playing Roderigo Borgia

I had intended to check out the early eighties BBC series “The Borgias” but since that series was never able to hold its own against Brideshead Revisited, and since this new version is by the makers of The Tudors and has Jeremy Irons playing Roderigo Borgia, well, it was irresistible at that price when the yen is so high against the pound!

The basket already has some new items in it, reflecting the recent resurgence of an interest in chess:



  1. Ah, Holinshed’s Chronicles, a tome never far from my clammy paws during the heady spring of 1987 when I found myself cobbling together an undergraduate thesis labouring under the clumsy title of ‘Anti-Gentlemen Sentiment in Kett’s Rebellion.’ If I remember correctly, I consulted a sixteenth-century edition in Manchester’s Central Reference Library, and managed to get biro smeared on it.

    No Roman stuff? Shame on you for not keeping your Latin end up…

  2. “No Roman stuff” was corrected last night by the supplementary purchase of the Folio edition:

    Livy, The War With Hannibal (i.e books XXI-XXX), trans. J. C. Yardley.

    Also bought:

    Jeremy Black, Great Military Leaders and their Campaigns

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