New Publications That I’d Like To Read (One Day)

Here is a list of new publications that interest me. So far the list consists entirely of books reviewed or advertised in the London Review of Books:

Edmund de Waal: The Hare with Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance
Matthew Crawford: The Case for Working with your Hands
Sarah Bakewell: A Life of Montaigne in One Question and 20 Attempts at an Answer
William Blacker: Along the Enchanted Way
Charles Rosen: Music and Sentiment
Nayef Al-Rhohan: “emotional amoral egoism” – see:
Thomas Mann: The Tables of the Law (trans. Marion Faber & Stephen Lehmann)

“The obvious intention of the volume, assembled at a dark moment in the war, was to offer a defence of the Bible’s ethical code at a time when it was being vilified by the Nazis.” (LRB, 2 Dec 2010, p. 23.)

David Foster Wallice: Fate, Time, and Language, An Essay on Free Will
David Bindman & Henry Louis Gates, Jr (eds): The Image of the Black in Western Art: