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Wednesday 8th November: Daisangen to Go!

November 10, 2006 David Hurley 0

I made two visits to the doctor’s this week. The first was on Monday when we settled down to read about the dominance of Bismark on the German scene, his use of expediency to unite the German territories excluding Austria, and about the Kulturkampf waged between the German state and [Read more…]

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Wednesday 4th October: Doctors Down

October 8, 2006 David Hurley 0

Now that the autumn term has begun I have had to shuffle my schedule and am no longer able to spend a leisurely Wednesday afternoon teaching Doctor M “German History in English” prior to an extended session of mahjong with him and his parents. However, by shifting his class to [Read more…]

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Wednesday 2nd August: On Top at the Doctors…

August 4, 2006 David Hurley 0

Today’s theme was the progress from the Congress of Vienna of 1815 to the German revolution of 1848. As good old Wikipedia puts it, “Germany” at the time of the Revolutions of 1848 was a collection of 38 states loosely bound together in the German Confederation after the Congress of [Read more…]