My new Easy Chess Tips blog.

Introducing My New Chess Training Blog

January 31, 2016 David Hurley 0

Last month I launched a new chess training blog called as a platform where I can turn my own engagement with chess into useful tips for beginners (who at least know HOW to play if not how to win) as well as more experienced elementary-to-intermediate players. Since my chess rating [Read more…]

Recovering From A Pawn Fork…

July 12, 2015 David Hurley 0

In this game, played out between myself (White, 1672) and Dr. M (Black, unranked) on Wednesday evening, I achieved a quick and perhaps undeserved victory after a lazy series of fast-paced opening moves that culminated in an egregious blunder in which I plonked my Bishop on d3, bringing on an obvious [Read more…]