Not Marching in the Field of Trasimene

January 28, 2006 David Hurley 2

I had a curry lunch with my old chum Flaminius Titus Ardlus Waddicus who had a Unique Glow about him. Ardle, as he is known to his friends, breezed into the restaurant plugged into his iPod and dressed in a brown Uniclo jacket, beige Uniclo hooded top, beige Uniclo baseball [Read more…]

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The First 3 Games of the Year

January 24, 2006 David Hurley 0

Due to the exigencies of this toilsome life and its importunate and burdensome responsibilities the first three 3-Player Mahjong games of the year have gone, until now, unreported, which is a thing of no moment in and of itself, but which nevertheless does no honour to a weblog such as [Read more…]